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Letter of Welcome

The faith community of Innisfail welcomes you to the Cassowary Coast and also to the spiritual life of our Parish.

We have three churches, one each at Innisfail, Mourilyan and South Johnstone with regular Masses and ministry on offer to all who live and come into the district.

We were blessed from inception when the Irish Augustinian Fathers came and introduced us to the practices and traditions of St Augustine. Subsequently we were introduced to the spirituality of St Benedict, when the Good Samaritan Sisters came and served in our schools and Parish. We were blessed further when the Marist Brothers came to serve in our Schools in the spirit of Blessed Marcellin Champagnat.

With the Augustinian Fathers, the Good Samaritan Sisters and the Marist Brothers now gone, the Parish continues to adjust to change; it is staffed with a Diocesan Priest, and a Parish Secretary, our Schools are under the Leadership of the Laity. Gradually the Lay Faithful are responding to their baptismal call and taking on roles of leadership and responsibility in the Parish. There is a new found sense of life and vitality.

Mother of Good Counsel Church, Innisfail is a living testament to the faith and generosity of our fore-bearers and more recently the local faithful.

May Mary Mother of Good Counsel, Christ the King and St Rita of Cascia, our pillars of faith and worship, be of help to you on your spiritual Journey!

Sincerely in Christ,

Fr Kerry Crowley
Parish Priest